Xining ring road to us

Ring, for urban traffic, both the central city of the protective shell, shielding a lot of transit vehicles, but also the external traffic evacuation zone". Is built around Xining, Datong, Huangzhong, connecting the surrounding mutual aid and peace S102 Xining City Road, in the South and West Beltway transit line composed of "one ring" basis, will form a sense of Xining’s "ring" line. The construction of the link, to ease the pressure on the city and its transit traffic, expanding urban development space, driving economic development along the significance.

the link:

to ease traffic pressure surrounding China Unicom[keyword]:

three 800 thousand no longer exchanges tramp over mountains and through ravines benefiting the masses

– several surrounding counties exchanges can be directly connected, convenient for people to travel;The construction of

– in the future around the link peace, Huangzhong and Datong, a circle of mutual travel time will be shortened to nearly two hours;

– ring loop construction via various counties in eastern agricultural areas of important densely populated towns, along with at least 800 thousand people directly benefit;

– after the vehicle will transit from this link is the appropriate diversion, Xining city to ease traffic pressure, promote the implementation of slow blocking Paul chang……

a road connectivity:

by the peace and mutual assistance to travel by more than and 10 kilometers of Datong

in Ning Zhang Road Beichuan river bridge across the river of the Capitol project control project is about to open up the Dandong Ding bridge, tunnel and bridge built in ordinary hook section, after chase Changning Town, town fifty Ping six towns, a total length of 83.3 kilometers of Xining City Link Ping long highway has been initially completed each other show in front of.

[progress] flat cross highway starting point safe area by fifty Huzhu County town, Dan Ma Zhen, Datong County, Changning Town, to the end;

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