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spring is coming, but some people are asking about winter tourism. How to around the city of Xining winter tourism development situation, chase kite ditch Kangle hills ski can be used as a typical specimen. Xining people have the demand for tourism in winter, but to meet the needs of tourism supporting services there is still a long way to go.

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kite ditch Kangle hills ski resort is located in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Yamen Dong Xia Zhen Village, in 2012 November opened a new ski.

bus ride from Xining city to kite ditch ski is not an easy thing. Visitors must first take the high-speed bus from Xining to Datong County, about 40 minutes by car. After getting off, but also in Datong County bus station transfer to the east of the town of Yamen town of the shuttle bus. Due to a lot of passengers along the way, this road takes more than an hour. The end of the shuttle bus in the town of Dong Guan Dong central hospital. Are close to a winding road hospital near the end of the road is the kite ditch ski. Walk along this road, about twenty minutes walk, visitors can arrive at the destination.

in February 26th, although the highest temperature has exceeded 10 degrees Celsius, but standing on the side of the road, you can still see not far from the hillside on a vast expanse of whiteness.

this day, the door to the ski resort has been blocked by a shovel, with ice and snow into the door under the dual role of sunlight and excavators, has long been beyond recognition. The ski season is nearing completion. Kangle, general manager of the ski resort, said: "these two temperatures are too high, I intend to close in two days after the."

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had a small area of snow traces, snow is bumpy. Melting snow flows to the land around the ski resort, the road is muddy, in order to facilitate the tourists and ski workers to pass, the road board. At this point, on the slope of the most steep piece of snow, dozens of tourists still play hard. Ma Fulong said: no way, these days a lot of people still skiing. Qinghai winter tourism and entertainment projects, people really have no place to go."

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content of the long winter, many Xining residents leisure tourism is monotonous, nest at home in winter were few, their idea is what Ma Fulong said, "Xining is not a place to go around, cost is too high to far away.

tourism statistics from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau to provide the special report, we see a group of data: during the Spring Festival Golden Week, Xining City, a total of 110 thousand and 700 tourists trips, an increase of 7.48%, tourism revenue 66 million yuan, an increase of 14.62%. According to the relevant person in charge of the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, this year, the spring festival tourism market in Xining is still followed by the characteristics of previous years, a day tour tourists, accounting for 7 of the total number of tourists;

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