Provincial capital of winter heating everything is ready

, a reporter from the Xining oil Gas Co was informed that with the heating period is approaching, ready Xining PetroChina Gas Co has from the station equipment, emergency rescue, customer service and other aspects, to ensure the safe and stable gas supply this winter.

every winter, natural gas consumption increased sharply, in order to ensure the safety of gas supply in Xining city in winter this year, PetroChina Gas Co has completed the maintenance of all equipment and facilities for gas supply, gas supply pipe network has been adjusted from dendrite annular gas supply mode. Are now available for emergency repair spare parts required in the winter gas supply operation, once the failure can be handled in a timely manner, quickly restore gas supply. At the same time, Xining oil and gas engineering construction Gas Co began to make arrangements for the deployment of gas from the beginning, to ease the contradiction between supply and demand, determine the amount of natural gas according to the upstream growth control index, this year Xining will be 22000 households users to install gas heating equipment. Up to now, has completed the installation of 12500 resident users, centralized heating boilers 130 units. The construction conditions are not complete, the year can not be completed to users, Xining PetroChina Gas Co has advance notice residents do not dismantle the existing heating equipment, in order to ensure the normal heating this winter. (author: Wei Jinyu)


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