Entrepreneurship interpretation next to create a super rich sports where the wind

wants to gain the competitive advantage in the entrepreneurial crowd, quickly realize the dream of wealth, find the wealth creation of super air is the king of the winner. Signs of the entrepreneurial market, China’s next super rich sports movement is coming soon.

"under the new normal Chinese economy, being experienced by the debt to equity economy economy" metamorphose "." Financial experts said Guan Qingyou, the risk-free interest rates down and trust, banking and other financial products risk premium rises, the currency is no longer "willful" flow of local financing platform, developers and industry overcapacity, the stock asset allocation in residents asset ratio will continue to rise.

3 10, human resources and social security minister Yin Yumin said that the balance of $3 trillion and 60 billion pension funds will be part of the market. This is the second half of last year’s mad cow with the strength.

The rapid development of Chinese economy since the reform and opening up

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