nternet plus to inject new vitality into the Qinghai province retail retail sales growth

According to data released recently by the Provincial Bureau of statistics show that from January to August, the province’s wholesale and retail sales reached 170 million yuan through the Internet, an increase of 69.6%. In the traditional format of weakness, "Internet plus" mode is like a shot in the arm, has injected a new vitality to the industry.

entrepreneurs try Internet retail

in Internet shopping has become a trend of today, the traditional format suffers from a hitherto unknown challenge. This form allows small Fang gave up the idea of opening the store, instead of their own venture capital, into the tide of the internet.

after startup is not smooth, gradually adapt to the rules of the small electricity supplier smoothly within two months of interest to earn his first pot of gold, which makes the small firm do Internet retail confidence.

"although belongs to online sales, but sales are more than the store." Fang said, compared to the store, the shop sales steady increase, and the customer base is relatively fixed, not too many human factors.

as a province of electrical retail industry own brand, Qinghai electric building limited liability company has been a leader in the local appliance retail industry. However, with Gome, Suning and other enterprises settled, the province’s electrical retail industry increasingly competitive, single line sales have been difficult to meet market demand.

the rapid development of our province electricity supplier

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