First open day activities held

In order to further close ties with the masses, expanding the contact surface of the procuratorial organs and the community and the masses of the people, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the procuratorial work of the masses, strengthening and improving the procuratorial work. In January 8th, the Xining municipal procuratorate held for the first time the "open day" activities, party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, people’s supervisors, special prosecutors and from universities, enterprises, communities, rural grassroots representatives to visit on the invitation. In recent years, the city prosecutor’s office to strengthen their supervision and strengthen legal supervision on the same important position, not only to strengthen internal supervision, but also take the initiative to accept external supervision. Regular or irregular to the NPC deputies and CPPCC members and the community to report and notify the procuratorial work and major work arrangements, and listen to the opinions and suggestions of procuratorial work, strengthening the democratic and scientific decision-making, in order to improve the social credibility of the procuratorial organ. At the same time, continue to carry out procuratorial organs, into the enterprise, into the countryside, into the community, into schools and other activities. To the people’s Procuratorate case information disclosure network as the carrier, the completion of the case of procedural information inquiries, information dissemination of important cases, legal documents open, defense and appointment of agents, such as the application of the four platforms. Under the supervision of the masses, the procuratorial work should be carried out under the sun. On the same day, by watching the video feature of procuratorial work and visit, communicate with the procuratorial personnel face, make personnel to participate in the activities of the procuratorial organ functions, organization, team building and work task has further understanding.    

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