Linfen city of sulfur dioxide pollution worrying

in Shanxi, Linfen, people want to be able to live in a healthy environment, but the excessive sulfur dioxide in Linfen, people’s lives have brought a lot of discomfort. The reason is the heating of coal fired boiler district is located Xian street street halt. He looked for property, community, returned to the mayor hotline call, but the problem has not been resolved.

live in this district is Zhang Yanpeng in the home in the cold anxious, because his child was just over one hundred days. There is no heating in the room, the baby had to be wrapped in thick cotton padded clothes, warm air conditioning at home also opened to the maximum.

2017 during the Spring Festival, LAN Ting Ming Yuan Xiao Qu Linfen city Yaodu District, there are thousands of households and Li Shuangmin Zhang Yanpeng, two cases, "had a very cold years".

it is understood that the LAN Ting Ming Yuan Xiao Qu is a small property, although located in the city, but for many years failed to achieve centralized heating. This area stop warming in January 25, 2017, the district where the Xian Street office issued a "notice on immediately stop using coal fired boiler".

notice requirements of LAN Ting Ming Yuan Xiao Qu Linfen City, traffic survey and Design Institute, Linfen ninth middle school located in Xian street and several units immediately stop using coal-fired boiler, complete clean energy (methanol, natural gas, electricity, air) transformation, and will be suspended and the clean energy transformation plan to 5 p.m. report before the office.

"twenty-nine day of the twelfth lunar month notice, let the transformation plan. Seeing the new year, the family did not heating." Zhang Yanpeng do not understand, since the government has to disable coal-fired boilers, there should be a solution to allow people to secure the new year, how can we stop?"

for the citizens of Linfen experience, we are sympathetic, but to create a comfortable and healthy environment for people, each city government will do, in November 2016, the city of Linfen is the Ministry of Environmental Protection Bulletin, start pollution warning level is obviously low, the starting time lag, emergency response measures is obviously insufficient, also did not start early warning did not take any measures to reduce emissions; the 16 to 21 day for 6 consecutive days of severe pollution and above, several monitoring stations during days AQI (air quality index) burst table.

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