The Maling to throw more popular – Business

in order to attract customers, now many of the owners are constantly taking various means of operation, among them, "Maling" is a very good means of operation. In fact, in the daily retail business, we have to give the customer "Maling closed the whole" approach in the collection, the purpose is to please the customer, the customer can look forward to next time again, and become a permanent store back".

of course I’m no exception. But gradually I found that "Maling up" effect is not obvious, many customers do not show you the feeling, they still will not patronize the supermarket to buy things. What’s going on here?

later, after careful consideration, I put "Maling" to "send extra". That is: whether the customer or old customer, usually to my shop to buy goods customers, no matter how much he bought something, I will according to the purchase amount, after the completion of commodities trading, I will give some extra commodity to customers. For example, if there is a small child to come to the customer, I will be in the customer to buy things when they go out to plug the children two candy.

old customers buying the goods, I will give him a little extra ginger, a small willow or coriander end roasted garlic; if it is a man to buy cigarettes, I will give him a lighter or a box with my name matches the supermarket…… In short, as long as the customer into the store shopping, each will receive the appropriate additional gifts. After a period of time, I was surprised to find more and more repeat customers.

from a psychological point of view, most customers like to take advantage of some small. The store closed the whole Maling "is often understood as the business customer" entitlement "behavior, because other businesses are doing a little novelty. And in the vision, to the customer "Maling closed the whole is far from" customers "to send a head of garlic or onion root" is more intuitive and easier to let the customer feel he is accounted for cheap.

"Maling", perhaps the customer turned a shop to forget, and a head of garlic or onion root "is true in the basket, followed him back home, back to the kitchen. Customer cooking used green onions, garlic, the customer will happily remember, this is XX supermarket garlic onion send me an extra, no money. In this way, the customer will be able to buy things later to think of the business of the extra send, consciously or unconsciously become a business back". Do you say that?

although the gift and commodity prices may wipe zero money almost, but the effect is completely different. So, doing retail business, is a learning and skills. Sometimes we need to learn some customer psychology, multi transposition thinking, guessing customer psychology, and thus targeted clever operation, Hello, I’m good, everyone, to achieve the sale

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