What are the women’s Ballet Jun join conditions and advantages of

how about ballet ladies? Quality women. Join the ballet Jun women’s project, no doubt, is a very powerful choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Ballet Dress King project, Unlimited Business Opportunities good market!

Balletcheena ballet Jun women’s conditions, Balletcheena ballet Jun women’s joining fee, Balletcheena ballet women’s official website to join support:

1, dealers should have the basic conditions

A, good team spirit, good conduct and good communication skills

B, good interpersonal relationship, social credibility

C, firm confidence, the ability to develop the market and entrepreneurial spirit

D, certain financial strength to ensure the normal operation of the business process

E, in the course of business must keep close communication and contact with the company

F, the management must be carried out according to the company’s store operation management system, operation manual and accept the supervision and guidance of


G, must be required to participate in the unified arrangements of the headquarters of the new order, product promotion, advertising, window replacement and other business activities

H, unified store image according to the requirements of the company, unified furniture props, unified decoration.

2, shopping malls or stores should choose to have the conditions

A, the flow of people, the purchasing power of the high-end shopping malls in the mainstream shopping malls or fashion brands store;

B, operating area of not less than 60 square meters

3, Balletcheena ballet Jun women’s dealer investment budget

A, trademark license fee (no)

B, store rent (according to regional differences, store location, business area and other estimates of the basic investment)

C, shop decoration costs (according to different regions, shops operating area, furniture props, materials and other estimates of investment)

D, the first opening of the purchase price and the order will be prepared (according to shop)

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