Beware of petty suffer a great deal to do business – Business

if there is cheap greed, I’m afraid many people will move, however, small retailers here as you shot shot, can do not to because of petty and unwise ah, this paper introduced is a typical case. Zhang Sen and his wife opened a grocery supermarket business in the county, tobacco, fruit, beverage, non-staple food. Because two people hard work, hard work, store business is very good.

day, Zhang Sengang opened the store, came in a man and a woman on the shoulder with a heavy bag. They went into the store around the shelves, and finally looked at the beverage counter. Zhang Sen asked: two good, what do you want? The man said, we are a brand of beverage agents, in order to open the market, is looking for distributors, I do not know if you want to do.

man’s words aroused Zhang Sen’s interest. After the Spring Festival is the food industry in the off-season, but with the gradual warming of the weather, he is trying to expand the brand and quantity of goods. Zhang Sen asked: what are the conditions of your brand or what concessions? At this time, the woman spoke. She said that if we signed a contract with the company, the company can provide customers with free delivery and display cabinets and a set of LED display.

Zhang Sen think the conditions are good, and they want to further consultation. At this time, the man spoke again: however, today we did not bring agency agreement, just to look at the strength of agents. Look at your store, I think you basically meet the requirements of the company. We’ll sign the agreement with you tomorrow.

at this time, the woman took out a box of chocolates from the bag, said to Zhang Sen, you look at this brand of chocolate? If you can buy some chocolate, we will persuade the company to return a certain amount of cash for three consecutive months. Moreover, if these chocolates can not sell, three months later, you can also be transferred into a drink.

Zhang Sen forget it, if they say, not only to expand their business scope, but also make a big profit. Such a good thing, Why not?? So he readily bought 40 boxes of chocolate at a price of $25 per box. Out of the door, the man left a fixed number said, tomorrow morning, you’d better not go, we have to come to you and sign an agreement and give you the installation of LED display, something to make this call.

on the second day, Zhang Sen waited until noon at eleven, did not wait for the man and a woman. He followed the man to leave the phone call, which prompts the phone has been shut down. Zhang Sen knew he was in. Here to remind the vast number of retail friends, tens of millions of dollars a little cheap, because there is no free lunch.

a lot of cheaters are people who like to eat some small, so there will be a variety of fraud. And when you encounter this situation, you must mind

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