After 80 girls Fang Xinxin venture to do their favorite thing

everyone’s attitude towards entrepreneurship is not the same, some people may simply be profitable to make money, and some people may just for their own interests. No matter what the reason is, I’m afraid there will be few entrepreneurs really do poineering work is doing what they like to do. But the owner of the public houses by Xin Xin Xin did this.

entrepreneurship is the process of optimizing the integration of the resources owned by the entrepreneur or the resources that can be obtained through efforts to create greater economic or social value. Entrepreneurship is a kind of labor, it is a kind of behavior that needs to be operated, organized, used by the entrepreneur.

junior high school, open career

to do business with this idea, not influenced by their parents, not to make money, born with. Fang Xinxin said, just to make their strange ideas into reality, do what you like.

junior high school when the room has begun to plan their own dream. In a serious discussion with a few friends, a clothing store in Fucheng opened, operators are just a few of the junior middle school students.

as a result of their studies, and soon, the clothing store closed down due to poor management. The room was not discouraged, but greater enthusiasm was aroused.

after graduating from high school, the real Xinxin to Nanjing military academy to study. Came to a strange city, all the new things to let the room, she will put these novel into the heart.

2005 years, Fuyang Su fruit supermarket more than a fancy birthday gift shop. The real Xinxin will be the first time the cat and other gadgets to the Fuyang market.

at that time, the real Xinxin just sophomore, tuition has been completely self-sufficient. Holiday, she runs a store with a friend; go to school, the store by her sister care, she gave her sister in Nanjing idea.

entrepreneurship, do their favorite things

graduated from college, full of enthusiasm, Fang Xinxin wanted to go out to make a living, in order to see their parents busy looking for work, she decided to stay in Fuyang venture.

2008 at the end of the year, Zhejiang city was a "deliberate pursuit of" leisure house door, lined up in a long queue, the people of Fuyang have the leisure place for tea. Six warm room, each room is three big sofa, with beautiful music, the real Xinxin leisure Nanjing people to Fuyang.

entrepreneurship early, difficult, no clerk, five or six in the morning, the room will have to go to the vegetable market to buy food. Recommend to habit

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