Beijing public rental Yaohao decision – the whole will be

public rental housing can bring convenience to people’s lives, will win the recognition of the people, and ultra low rent, to bring great convenience to people’s lives. Yan Bao · maquanying homes, Yan Bao · high Midian two homes a public housing project from the No. 10 officially launched the registration, each project has 70% listings for the Beijing city residence housing workers, 30% houses for non housing applicants Beijing hukou. How about the scene registration? The distribution of public rental housing can hold Beijing dream?

in Beijing City, Chaoyang District Yan Bao · maquanying homes, day 10, citizens participate in public rental registration lined up hundreds of meters long. This can be equipped with a total of 300 sets of rental housing, which is the source of the source of the 210 Suites Beijing no room for the applicant, the source of the 90 Suites for non Beijing household registration without housing applicants. Although only 300 sets of houses, but the number of people who went to the scene to register one thousand people a day. Anhui couple in the young couple on the public rental project in Beijing with a special rental of new people ranks.

, according to Mr. Liu, the couple came to Beijing to work for 7 and a half years, are ordinary families, there is no savings. They have to rent, rent rose quickly, applied before public rental but without success, this policy has clear indicators of non nationals, finally see hope.

Yan Bao · maquanying homes, Yan Bao · high Midian two homes in a public housing project, a total of 400 units of public rental, two projects in 30% for non nationals with stable working families without housing. Located in Beijing, Chaoyang District, a Daxing District, located in the, housing construction area of 58.10 square meters -61.95 square meters, the rent is about between $2000 – $2400.


government provides a comfortable living environment for the vast number of employees, so that people can work better, which can be reduced to the cost of living. It is worth noting that, although the first day of registration has exceeded the total number of listings, but it does not mean that after the registration of the family on the public rental housing. After registration, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee will be the same as the project area housing and Urban Construction Committee (Housing Authority) to apply for family qualification, and ultimately through the wave number to decide, after the lottery will be the election room signing.

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