Seize the good opportunities – by Dongfeng Group purchase the whole

buy this business opportunities, although it is very good, however, in general, are aimed at relatively large shops, for small retail stores, seemingly nothing. In short, we mentioned a small retail group purchase, many customers will say that those big business are all on the grade scale, big supermarket business, Never mind too large and the "small small" retail store. Look at the business opportunities from your side in vain, that is a very regrettable thing.

I think the size of the store is not the size, as long as they can seize the opportunity, small shops can still make big business. Take me, my little shop in the outskirts of the town, tourists mainly rely on three house across town to do business in the export of hundreds of workers, because the enterprise benefit is also good, Fengnianguojie, will the factory send some candy cakes as welfare for employees, the group purchase quantity is very considerable.

looked at their vehicle to purchase goods, my mind is calculated to open, if you can pull these large orders, we will be able to catch up with half a year of sales. But our small small small window, really come to negotiate group purchase things with them, a little bit of confidence are not, for fear that others disdain. But this cake is really attractive, do not try really a little reluctant.

as the saying goes, "opportunity favors the prepared mind."". By chance, finally dense willow trees and bright flowers. One day before the Mid Autumn Festival last year, the door of the garment factory Xu boss ran me to buy cigarettes, because both sides are more familiar, and no matter what the chat up. Don’t just talk with the two, Xu said, to a holiday, the first big things are busy, not seeing this, a multitude of things, the Mid Autumn Festival, national day of the two festival to the holiday, paid to workers are not available yet gifts. The key is less manpower, inseparable from the body.

listened to his words, I took the mouth said immediately, the procurement of goods I am not being, we all the time and those dealing with the matter wholesalers, wrapped in my body, I also cheaper than you to purchase! If you don’t believe me, you can give me the purchase list. If you want to see the price quoted by us is quite reasonable, I’ll go and buy it for you. That’s a good thing.

he said, as long as you can guarantee the quality and price of goods and reasonable, I will take the business to you to do it, they just two companies have no leisure, also be given to you. Later, I took them to provide a catalog, I usually purchase suppliers there, as a result of the old relationship, the number of large purchases, therefore, the price is also a lot of concessions. Because the price is lower than their own previous purchases, Xu boss immediately finalized.

then, I immediately conducted a procurement of goods, due to large purchases, we do not have so much money, but

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