Clothing store purchase tips six take you into the world

we know that the clothing store business has a direct relationship with the product quality, product quality, affordable, clothing store business will naturally be good. Purchase directly determines the soul of the clothing store, clothing store is the main support. To seize the soul, from the purchase channel to the stock market and then bargain, each link needs a full skill. Do you have any tips on how to buy clothes? Xiaobian tell you six tips.

A: first try, do not blindly purchase.

a the same clothes, appeared in two different clothing wholesale market, the wholesale price difference actually doubled. Why is this? Now clothing market jump goods mutual copied version of the situation is very common, because the production of this dress factory shipments is certainly the most cheap, other wholesalers may purchase and wholesale, even after several times sold wholesale, the price will certainly rise steadily.

this: the purchase price decided your store is competitive, one-time purchase less, cost may be very low, this is the law of the market! Only a large number of one-time purchase, and the establishment of long-term cooperative relationship between customers to purchase a lower market price, and sometimes only a few dollars of the purchase price, the impact on the retail is also very large. Therefore, it is essential to find the goods on the home, to minimize the intermediate links, direct cost reduction. If you are selling cheap goods, and not too strong recommendation

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