2016 venture to do what can make money

venture capital is to make money as the ultimate goal, however, if you want to achieve such a goal, not only need to pay enough effort, but also need to choose the business opportunities. So, what can be done in 2016 to make money?

2016 venture to do what can make money? Leather shoes beauty shop

market prices ranging from 200-1000 yuan of footwear products is a medium consumer goods, the new footwear machinery repair should be much better. A domestic leather shoes repair machine price of about 8000 yuan, together with the purchase of some related materials (soles, heels, shoes line), the total cost of Jovan yuan. The market price according to different types of shoes and brand basic categories: rubber shoes and 2-15 yuan, 20-25 yuan, 15-20 yuan to fill the hole, refoot 25-100 yuan, compared with the traditional shoe repair, repair machinery is in the price a little expensive, but the repair rate is much lower. What can I do to make money in 2016? On 20 pairs of shoes, each menstrual camp up to 2500-3500 yuan, profit more than 1000 yuan, a year to recover the cost.

2016 venture to do what can make money? Exquisite porcelain shop

as thin as paper, white jade, such as the sound of catering equipment Xin Bone China, porcelain Ivory made popular; antique porcelain, pottery porcelain, cloisonne became a respected Master of traditional culture, a symbol of quality of life stress. The creation of ceramic stores should be located near the edge of the market, it is best to be adjacent to the grocery store, or choose more customers in the vicinity of the market. People with 2-3 is good, but with their own hands to do more ideal. In the display of goods should be more brains, if the young class as the main object, we must have a sense of color on the display, which helps the sale of goods.

2016 venture to do what can make money? Career forecast store

2016 venture to do what can make money? Difficult to find a job, to find a job more difficult. If the use of a set of related test software, special test, for each applicant must have a market Ariadne. This store opened near the University of the best.

2016 venture to do what can make money? Room clinic

2016 venture to do what can make money? Without destroying the decoration, solve the pipeline lack, sewer blockages, concealed fault, wall pipe seepage problems. Of course, we must have professional skills.

2016 venture to do what can make money? Toy hospital

is now the price of toys is more and more high, the function is more and more complex, once damaged, with no, gesture, is recommended

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