The introduction of Shanghai bicycle management policy – sharing

in Shanghai, shared with the car in the streets and lanes, to bring more convenience to people, but because of drawbacks shared cycling and the need for better planning. Shared bicycle must have GPS positioning, 3 years of forced retirement, deposit return of not more than 7 days, at the age of 12 to ride…… Shanghai has been the first in the country to complete the work of the preparation of a shared bicycle standards.

as a way to solve the last mile of public transport vehicles, the introduction of a shared bicycle on the popular. However, with the increase in the amount of investment, colorful bicycle sharing the streets, product safety and quality of service issues gradually appear.

Since the beginning of

2016, the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in conjunction with the relevant units to carry out a series of research, product quality and service quality, specialized risk assessment. The survey found that there is a certain risk sharing bicycle products and service quality. The quality of the product, the outstanding performance of the high frequency of use in bicycle parking conditions, riding distance significantly more than the conventional bicycle production, according to the existing national standard products can not meet the requirement of sharing, with the passage of time may have a personal safety risk.


service quality, outstanding performance on the level of operating companies in the service level and capacity can not keep up with existing vehicles, vehicle Luantingluanfang, line operation service management personnel less, deposit management is not clear, lack of corporate social responsibility and other issues.

on the basis of investigation, the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to guide the relevant industry associations in Shanghai, research and development of a series of shared bicycle group standards. At present, the country’s first regional cooperation for relying on "share service standards", "bicycle bike sharing technical conditions of the first parts: Bicycle", "bike sharing technical conditions of the second parts: electric bicycle" three bike sharing group standard (Draft) has been completed. The next step will be open to the public for comments.

the next step, the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau will guide the Shanghai bicycle industry association is the group standard solicit relevant management departments, production and service enterprises, to be revised after the formal promulgation and implementation of the society. At the same time, with the effective implementation of the parties, the establishment of a shared bicycle community governance model.

every ten thousand equipped with 50 service personnel

the "product standard" technical specification of bike sharing mainly for bicycle sharing of product quality and safety requirements, not only to meet the requirements of the national mandatory standards, according to the characteristics of increased maintenance requirements of bike sharing vehicles and scrap deadlines, achieve product quality management in the whole process. "Bike sharing service specification" including operating platform construction, the public interest requirements, facilities and equipment maintenance requirements, billing, deposit management, complaint management and use of credit system user injury compensation etc..

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