Focus Jiangsu long talk to promote the healthy development of the real estate market

2016 hot real estate market, in the "new four dragons" in the city of Jiangsu Province, including two: Nanjing and Suzhou, facing the house guards growth, how to promote the healthy development of the real estate market is a big problem. September 28th, governor Shi Taifeng presided over the real estate work forum to listen to the report. He stressed that we must resolutely implement the central decision-making arrangements, effectively assume responsibility for regulation of the real estate market, accurate judgments, accurate classification regulation, because of the city fine measures to do a solid job in real estate to prevent overheating and inventory work, efforts to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

after listening to the provincial housing department and other relevant departments of Nanjing Province, and Wuxi, Xuzhou, Changzhou, Suzhou, Nantong 6 city work report, Shi Taifeng pointed out that this year the province conscientiously implement the central and provincial government on promoting the supply side structural reform policies and arrangements, and actively resolve the real estate inventory, and achieved good results. But we should also see that the differentiation between the city and the area between the real estate market, is facing pressure to the stock, and there are a few city local housing prices rose too fast and other outstanding issues, we must attach great importance to.

Shi Taifeng stressed that promote the healthy development of the real estate market is an important test for the government at all levels of governance capacity, to fully realize the rapid rise in prices, for steady growth, structural adjustment, transfer mode and city livable industry, the adverse effects of innovation and other aspects of the city, the government should assume the main responsibility to curb housing prices rose too fast, resolute attitude must be the flag must be bright and measures must be solid. Provincial departments to timely warning guidance, strengthen supervision and assessment, common market stability.

stone requirements, we must adhere to the classification regulation, because the city Shi policy, the real estate market to do the work. At present, a large inventory of the city, to address the needs of new urban residents housing demand, emphasis on commercial real estate inventory, increase housing prices transformation and upgrading efforts. Prices rise too fast, we must adhere to the treatment of both the symptoms, both to introduce acute measures, but also to study the long-term program, from the two aspects of supply and demand precise regulation.

in the face of the crazy growth of housing prices, some people buy enthusiasm is also high, but for the majority of the people concerned, buy a house can only be a thing in the foreseeable future. Shi Taifeng stressed that governments at all levels should strengthen market monitoring, supervision and public opinion to guide efforts to strengthen the real estate market full aperture, the whole process of project data integration analysis, grasp the real situation, the trend; the full implementation of regulatory responsibility, to take effective measures to further regulate the order of real estate market; adhere to the positive guidance, release the information in a timely manner, stabilize market expectations, forming a good atmosphere conducive to stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

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