Dagongmei online selling bacon entrepreneurial dream round

during the Chinese new year, love to eat bacon friends have delicious food, various local meat production methods are different, and some places are not seen in meat, in fact this is a good business, a working woman is just using the good business opportunities.

has changed the project experience

2007, Hu met Chengkou county an agricultural enterprises mister, she found other business old meat and wild vegetable market prospects of the project. But at the beginning, Hu Lihui chose to fight the traditional marketing of the original idea of the market. A prior to the Spring Festival, she hired 20 to the number of young people, to those who want to buy the supermarket, sell special purchases for the Spring Festival unit, run group purchase. In her own words, "completely rely on human wave tactics, one by one run with two legs."

mountains bacon sold to Southeast Asia

"unexpectedly do not recommend

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