The name of the store is more attractive to customers love

some people give the shop name is for novelty, while some people are to show love, different performance purposes, for the customer’s attraction will be different. According to the summary of small, the name of the shop has love, in fact, easier to attract customers, business will be more popular.

now walk the streets of the city, you may be surprised to find out that the form of the shop signs advertising beyond count, a numerous and ubiquitous slogans, like a flower blooming, dizzying, called for a large commercial and cultural wonders.

today, colorful names, not only with the bustling city, but as a "name card", showing the shops and the pursuit of self charm to the world, to "God" (consumers) to express love.

foreigners arrived in Jiangsu Yangzhou, saw into the famous places of historic interest and scenic beauty, as long as the "Ken fragrance", not only can eat delicious meals, also can enjoy the peace of mind of a hut, Ken sweet "culture.

between husband and wife have a heart knot, misunderstanding between friends, in an attempt to find a suitable opportunity to explain the hatchet, bury the hatchet, the streets of Nanjing, the "love" the food and beverage department will wait for the arrival of people have doubts, in the beautiful music, people around the Chrysanthemum Tea, mung bean juice, longan soup, eat talking, air conditioning sporadic bursts of breeze, and "love" complement each other, make people seem to have entered a "warm world". Imagine. What are the contradictions and misunderstandings in such a loving atmosphere, can not melt to eliminate it?

"Xinzhai", is a private offering places for elderly activities, judging from the name alone, a "heart" will make people in droves, old people can play chess, playing cards, reading books and newspapers to spend a small amount of money in this elegant environment, is really enjoyable, the feeling is warm. Heart shop king boss told the author, the opening of the heart is not from a commercial perspective, just think of a good name for the elderly to provide a place to live and rest, really make them keep a good heart"!

in Changsha Cai-E Road, there is a "good sister, the next areca store" is a "full brother areca house". Funny, no wonder business red. I’d like to name the areca two side by side, is not to show the world a "Changsha sister-in-law" enthusiasm "and Changsha full brother" honest?

In addition, Chengdu, "manned boat" shoe, compared to the shoes, "manned" boat "

"". Language appropriate and imagination and exaggeration; Zhejiang city of Lanxi Haitian aquatic business, Jane "only three words include swimming in the water, flying in the sky, the mountain; Tianjin Goubuli stuffed buns, seemingly too vulgar, but due to the nature of a decent, curious, Liaobo the world trend for diners to eat, to enjoy.

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