What are the main ways of entrepreneurship for college graduates in 2012

2012, in the end what entrepreneurship is the most suitable for everyone? Look at the current market trends, we as a small entrepreneurs are in a loss, hoping to find the most suitable for their own entrepreneurial path.

1. shop


2. hi tech

in the forefront of the high tech college students, business in this area has a First come, first served. advantage, easy to get the ark "," Melody ", the success of the enterprise is a model, so in the field of entrepreneurship by science and technology, college students have many advantages.

3. franchise

franchise is not too much work experience and the cost of joining the party will provide mature marketing plan for you, also can make suitable promotion concept for you, even the staff training management is relatively mature, so for lack of experience of college students is more appropriate.

above three directions, is 2012 three entrepreneurial college graduates the most basic way, I hope you can find your way out of gold.


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