What are the subsidies in Guiyang Entrepreneurship

different for entrepreneurship support, a variety of subsidies provided by nature will be different, in short, if you want to get success, want to make business under a better environment, nature also need to know what is in the end to the local subsidies. So, what are the subsidies in Guiyang entrepreneurship?

want to have a better life in Guiyang, most of the migrant workers, on a salary is not enough, many Guiyang buddy chose to resign or part-time business, people open shop, someone to open the store, there are people looking for investment projects for "golden ideas" landing…… Can you make it? Entrepreneurship in Guiyang, some cases are blessed (mang) Li (XI) to take oh!

recently, the Guiyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and Social Security Bureau interviewed, detailing the entrepreneurship in Guiyang, to meet what conditions can enjoy government subsidies incentives. Come and see if you can bring down down down

network operator

5000 yuan cash reward & monthly rent subsidy of 300 yuan & maximum discount loan of

online venture can apply for a maximum of 5000 yuan reward

according to the Guiyang City People Club Bureau, Guiyang Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued the "entrepreneurial award of Guiyang online identification and compensation for measures", and in Guiyang city for industrial and commercial business license to engage in e-commerce business activities, in accordance with the provisions of the registered unemployed workers and university graduates, migrant workers, veterans, the disabled and other special groups, in the industrial and commercial registration the date of registration 18 months after 3 months, in line with the conditions of the industrial and commercial registration to the location of the community sector for 4000 to 5000 yuan reward and one-time online business for a period of three years, 300 yuan monthly online business business premises rental subsidies.

operating more than six months of the network operators have access to 2 million discount loans

according to the city and Social Council issued "on the support of e-commerce industry development policies and measures", those who comply with the relevant provisions of the current business loan policy, and the employment support object (registered urban unemployed, college graduates, rural labor and our city – the college students in Guiyang, engaged in E-commerce business) founded by the business sector registered and recognized by the relevant departments after the stable operation of more than half of the network business, may apply for the maximum amount of less than 100 thousand yuan per capita entrepreneurs small loans.

on the placement of employment support to reach more than 30% of existing workers, can apply for a maximum amount of less than 2 million yuan of labor intensive business guarantee loans, and in accordance with the provisions of the financial discount.

first venture

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