nnovation can not be ignored in the new direction of the catering industry

in the rapid development of all walks of life, is changing, so is the catering industry, catering industry is the focus of high profit entrepreneurs concern, so the new direction of changes in food and beverage industry can not be ignored.

diet as a part of people’s daily life, with daily consumption of certain. With the changes in people’s eating habits, consumption of food and beverage products will also change. In the past, people pursue three meals a day, so that food and beverage products show a fact of the time. Modern people are busy working, eating time is not stable, coupled with the promotion of modern nutrition, so that the consumption of food and beverage products become blurred.

The emergence of

and the development of economy, also caused the movement of the population to a certain extent, the different taste of the dishes are popular in different places and rich. Due to the frequent international exchanges, more and more international restaurants, ethnic food is also increasingly popular. In recent years, the Korean restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Thailand restaurant and Vietnamese restaurants have sprung up in china.


this years theme restaurant is put this idea to the extreme, whether the design of the restaurant decoration, layout, decoration style, recommended

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