How to join the tea – tea shop


tea tea shop? Has always been a very popular choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the tea tea shop, open their own tea tea shop stores, undoubtedly, is very business is not the choice?

The so-called leading brand

individual industry, through WeChat false propaganda, please create a Navy queue or hot scenes; hunger marketing, makes the customer to buy a cup of tea to queue two or three hours, this is the lack of integrity, lack of respect for the consumer behavior.

and tea with 6 years of market research and analysis of screening, hundreds of professional tea and equipment suppliers, choose the best tea base and safest milk (original milk), tens of thousands of times through the product debugging, the most perfect product collocation…… Seriously do a good job of tea for the consumer intentions of the service, the franchisee is responsible for serious!

a. Product: redefining the world good tea

Yan Xuanxian tea

from the global latitude 30° high quality tea area, from Qimen, Hangzhou, Taoyuan, Taiwan and other places of origin of fresh tea.

imported milk source

insist on the use of imported natural milk, do not add cream, essence, pigment and harmful preservatives.

clean water quality

uses the water purification equipment to purify the water quality to ensure the best pure taste of the tea and ice.

ecological orchard

in the general homogenization of the pursuit of quality differentiation, the selection of high quality fruit.

exclusive technology

the best time to cook tea, taste sweet and not astringent; the original leaf fresh extract, tea silk slip back to gan.

elite R & D

has more than 10000 times the product debugging, the pursuit of perfect proportions of each tea formula.

two, single store profit guarantee: store + mobile terminal drainage data

tea through the store + mobile terminal data drainage profit model, can break the traditional tea shop drainage weak predicament, to cater to the Internet era of new consumer demands, really bring high viscosity plenty of tourists to store the line, the first in the industry.

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