Mobile phone mobile phone name name Daquan National.

mobile phone has been popular in China, whether adults or children almost everyone has a mobile phone, the mobile phone shop business is booming, many entrepreneurs also want to open a mobile phone shop, so you want a good mobile phone name, the whole network to organize a mobile phone shop Daquan, mobile phone name national good recommendation for everyone.

1, branch Peng mobile phone store

technology of the roc.

2, Long Jie / Jin Jie mobile phone store

dragon, a symbol of good spirit. Nimble, convenient.

3, nine Nian mobile phone store

Lang Ye mobile store

mobile phone stores


Wo first mobile phone store

4;           the relationship between palm!

5, Rui Xing: intelligent star.

6 code, mobile phone stores (


Code: digital; science and technology;

: race, excellent, quality (mobile);

: forest products rich in forest, a superb collection of beautiful things

7, Chinese: probtain guanrui

/ /  

English Name: GRACEM

crown: Champion quality

run: Lubrication moisture

English GRACEM=GRACE+EMINENT: meaning good superior   Thatcher extraordinary!

8, Chinese Name: send star / card star / send Xing

English Name: PERSTAR (named network shop name)

faction: grand grand demeanor

Star: star quality and service


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