Lu’an past barren now became a tourist paradise

with people’s material life has been met, we pay more attention to the spiritual life, so in the life of leisure time to travel, in recent years has become the first choice for the people. The autumn season, the reporters came to Lu’an city Zhangdian Town, Jin’an District National 4A level scenic spots, Wanxi Dabie Mountain and valley grotto, saw many self driving tourists are camera "retain" the beautiful scenery at the foot of the Dabie mountains. Lu’an past "barren", now has become a tourist paradise, not only to meet the tourists, but also led to the development of local economy.

"the development of the past few years too fast, in the past the mountains and valleys of the ordinary mountains and caves, has now become a famous scenic spot. Foreign tourists poured into the pockets of the local people have gradually drum up." Speaking of the changes brought about by the development of tourism to the town of Zhangdian, the town Party Secretary Deng Dejun a face of excitement and excitement. It is understood that this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, national day double period, only Dabie Mountain scenic spots on tourists about 1600000 passengers, tourism revenue exceeded $30 million.

"in the fight against poverty and the" landscape gallery, "the construction of a strong push, we must strive to create a scenic spot at the foot of the Dabie Mountains the most beautiful ‘reception hall’." Deng Dejun said that the implementation of the town of Zhangdian tourism strong town, tourism, tourism, poverty alleviation strategy, give full play to the advantages of tourism resources, increase the intensity of comprehensive development, 5 years to invest $250 million to implement comprehensive transformation of scenic spots.

town not only closed the scenic area of the impact of the 9 stone factory, but also the migration of nearly 100 villagers living in the scenic area. The town continues to increase the area of food and entertainment travel and other facilities to improve and upgrade, not only active in the tourism market, but also with the vast number of farmers in the mountains.

not far away in the Great Rift Valley Scenic Area Wanxi in front of a company called "tiger hill" four star farmhouse, business is very hot. The farm owner Yao black side to the dining tourists serving, briefed reporters on the side of his "become rich classics". Yao Tan formerly in the town opened a local restaurant business is pretty good. The Great Rift Valley developed into tourist attractions, he aimed at the business in previous years in the area near the farmhouse opened now, more prosperous business. Before and after contrast, Yao black carbon smiled and told reporters!"

although the different geographical locations for a large area, but every place has its own characteristics, as long as the development of a good grasp of the characteristics of their own efforts, to a certain extent of poverty is very simple. After entering the fall, Zhangdian town either Wanxi Dabie Mountains or rift scenic scenic grottoes, cenglinjinran, picturesque scenery everywhere, many tourists. People are competing here feel quiet and far away, full of poetic beauty. Jin’an District Tourism Bureau deputy director Li Dexing said: "the tourism industry from the past an unknown recommendation

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