The new owners to make money model network agents enrollment alliance sought after!

      network education after years of development, has been more and more people are accustomed to online learning, distance education is expected in 2008 domestic total revenue of more than 5 billion yuan, however, requirements for the network video on technology, capital is very high, the general company and the website is difficult to get involved, I recently found a good webmaster money mode, can be a lot of Web site traffic and instantly converted into money, one of my friends every day through the alliance can earn several thousand dollars, we are interested can see, here is the alliance:

      distance education network enrollment alliance platform ( integration of teaching resources of high quality education is all under the covers (accounting, legal, medical, construction, self adult college entrance examination, entrance, schools, foreign languages, information technology and application training (IT& AT), Chinese Language Teaching in many areas, there are hundreds of training courses), as long as you have your own website, as long as you want to make money using your site traffic to dream, you can apply for enrollment alliance partners, registered an account in the alliance platform free, selected for their website advertisements (text or code pictures), add the ad code to prominently on your site, once the students register, the system will immediately record the students Code, selection, pay and other information, we will give you a monthly tuition into play to your designated bank account, in order to facilitate your understanding of your website at any time through the registration fee / student details, we provide a powerful student information query function for you, you can always use their own free registration agents Alliance login to the league management system, registration number query, query, query course total payment amount and payment.

      incidentally: education is the union of Chengdu enrollment is 50 percent off, very good.