How to distinguish between a large customer

when we start a business, we need to have a certain entrepreneurial guidance. When choosing a customer, how can we correctly determine what is a big customer? In the company’s largest customer in the battle of ten percent to twenty percent of the position, but the company has brought great wealth. So we choose the right partner is very important.

1, large customers to buy frequently or a single number of more than

2, large customer sales management complex

3, large customer purchasing concentration is strong

4, large customer service requirements are high

5, the establishment of long-term relationship is the primary customer purchasing intention

because the purchase work frequently, procurement management system, strict production supply, so the customer wants to supply channel is relatively stable, so customers in the procurement, often show signs of long-term consideration, even in long-term cooperation thinking to suppliers. This will of course provider for customers, but it is actually a double-edged sword, grasp the supplier to the customer is likely to lead to sales of the vicious spiral.

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