What are the protection to join the black pepper kitchen

buffet restaurant in a variety of forms, there is a self-service personalized kitchen form welcomed by the vast number of consumers, is the best choice for family and friends dinner. Because this form allows people to enjoy the fun of cooking dinner, is the best place to relieve stress. This form can be incorporated into the most pure elements of life, to bring consumers the same consumer experience. The kitchen is such a buffet restaurant.

to taste the black pepper kitchen in the shop to open graffiti wall, so that young people who come to dinner leave personalized symbols, to become the best interpretation of the fun culture. In the black pepper kitchen, you can also buy all you see, in addition to the waiter can not be taken away, as long as you like, you can buy, so that customers enjoy the freedom to eat fun.

dull black pepper is a modern kitchen dining brand, one of the competitive advantage is that it has changed the traditional catering operation mode, and the use of the experience of current international popular fast food, fun, creative, experience. It’s not a chef in the kitchen, some intelligent cooking equipment, there is no kitchen and assistant, some ready package material and ingredients. Here, do not need to spend hired chefs, completely by the consumers themselves to do what to do, what to eat. Not only can save labor costs, but also allows consumers to feel the novelty of their own cooking, experience the joy of making delicious food.

join security:

risk control: headquarters to provide emergency treatment, to explain the uniform quality standards manual, operation expert tracking service, free food, free training refresher training refresher training.

technical support: technical training manual, technical training, technical training, real store training, real shop inspection.

construction security: headquarters to provide site guidance, site selection and evaluation services, the overall VI store design, store decoration guidance, decoration design drawings.

operational support: product promotion manual, personnel recruitment and training manuals, clerk etiquette training manual, a full set of operational training CD, to the black pepper kitchen shop sales promotion program.

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