How much do you need to start a shop dumplings

Chinese fast food

to join in the project, has always been the people Boiled dumplings restaurant are consumption of food items, the China Boiled dumplings to join the brand is beyond count, today Xiaobian introduce under the dumplings.

Our company was founded in April 1996,

is the "dumplings", more than and 10 years, into the fashion element and the standardization of the soul has nearly two thousand years of traditional culture Boiled dumplings, leading the new trend of Chinese fast food. "Dumplings", and has been in the hundreds of city opened more than and 300 stores, each visit "dumplings" consumers with more than 50 million passengers. "Classic" global business magazine "by the central kitchen to create 600 million dumplings Boiled dumplings legend", analyzes and studies the successful model of "dumplings", CCTV, ETTV,, "Global Times", "people’s Daily Overseas Edition" and other media have been "dumplings" as Chinese fast food the successful example of tracking reports, "head of dumplings" was also elected the 2006 Chinese catering industry leader.

then open a shop dumplings need how many money?

"dumplings" has won the top ten brand Chinese fast food enterprises, civilized units, integrity unit, service brand enterprises, ten of Asia’s most promising brands such as honor, "aunt Wu" and the graphic trademark was identified as well-known trademarks; "dumplings" also became the 2008 Olympic Games recommended dishes, Sam sun dumplings, three pine mushroom letinous edodes green package dumplings, were awarded the 2008 Olympic gold and silver dishes recommended recipe exhibition; pine Sam sun dumplings, dumplings, dumplings with three mushroom was named Chinese point; pine Sam sun dumplings, beef offal soup, Honey BBQ Pork Puff won the 2005 International Food Fair Gold medal. You want to join our company franchise fee is how much?

Join the cost and investment budget

standard dumplings shop

1, according to the size of the city, the operating area of a comprehensive evaluation of the relevant factors such as the franchise fee, ranging from 200 thousand yuan to RMB 500 thousand yuan.

2, pre investment renovation costs 300 yuan per square meter is about 450 thousand yuan, equipment investment of about $300 thousand.

3, pre advisory service fees in accordance with the distance, the level of urban consumption approved, generally 5000-10000 yuan.

The above is the simple introduction of

dumplings franchise investment cost, if you still have what other aspects of the problem is not very clear to the Advisory, please see our website below in the message, the message after we will reply you in the first time.

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