Zhengzhou’s political school to promote the construction of innovation and Entrepreneurship

2016 Internet entrepreneurship is still in the field of electricity providers to promote innovation and entrepreneurship system continues to progress, we need to strengthen the importance of the electricity supplier. Zhengzhou Hui, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship training complex construction, talents, entrepreneurship incubator.

Huiji closely around "public entrepreneurship, innovation" is the theme of development, to build enterprise incubator, achievement transformation, life service and other functions, facilities and the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship as the goal, take "government school" new initiatives to further promote innovation and industry construction and operation, and achieved remarkable results.

in order to further promote the "public entrepreneurship, innovation", Huiji district set up innovative complex work leading group, mining area of land resources, human resources, research resources and the construction of buildings, make full use of the area north of University City College, scientific research personnel, centralized collection of the advantages of rich resources, jointly with the Zhengzhou Normal University, will Zhengzhou Normal University, 15 thousand square meters of e-commerce business incubator in Huiji district innovation complex.

as the pre operational part of Huiji district innovation and entrepreneurship complex, Zhengzhou Normal University of electronic commerce business incubators in Henan has attracted the sublimation of commercial Limited by Share Ltd (Global underwear trading network) and Zhengzhou science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Shao Lin West Bus 26 well-known enterprises settled contract, and more than 20 enterprises under negotiation, is expected to enter the base in the future.

Huiji innovation base to set up the "complex Zhengzhou Normal University Henan Henan goods online line operations team, responsible for the planning, construction, base investment, personnel training, business incubators, public service platform, to help traditional enterprises e-business transformation etc..

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