Panzhihua five one, according to a code registration system reform

in our daily life in dealing with a lot of things, we need to submit the application to the relevant government units, but the processing time is often very long, and sometimes even delay we do things. In October 17th, a reporter from the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that the city is promoting the "five card one, according to a code registration system reform. Currently, the city a total of 16516 registered enterprises, has issued a unified social credit code to load the business license of the enterprise, accounting for 10630 of the total number of enterprises in the city of 64.36%.

in our city through strengthening propaganda, simplifying procedures, information sharing, and comprehensively promote the "five card one, according to a code registration system reform, stimulate entrepreneurial vitality. Through the website, "Panzhihua daily", the government center window, to the enterprise publicity for the "five card one, according to a code of the time limit, process and related matters needing attention.

Panzhihua "five card one, according to a code for the reform of the registration system, simplify the handling process, and provides great convenience for the masses. According to the application of the enterprise, the "five card one" job classification process, greatly shorten the processing time, simplify procedures and optimize the process, improve work efficiency, reduce the burden on enterprises. In addition, the unified registration form, integration and optimization of the registration application documents, to achieve a window acceptance, interoperability, information sharing".

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