The 282 session of the fair will complete the standard booth attracted a large number of investment

a region wants to attract and attract some new investment and business opportunities, it must be achieved through a variety of activities, which regularly organized a number of investment properties of the exhibition is a very good way.

the investment exhibition Expo is even an important part of the success, but also the prerequisite and basis for the economic and trade activities. Reporter yesterday from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, after each unit for more than two months of efforts, the investment work has achieved some progress. Up to now, there are 14 investment vehicles to complete the second session of the fair even the standard booth area (including the special loading of 145), of which the city of 196, the city of the 86 282.

"receiving the preparations for the task, we quickly set up a working mechanism for a global force to promote even the Expo investment breeze work." City Business Bureau relevant responsible person said, comprehensive display of the content and other factors, seriously implement the decomposition breeze tasks, improve the policy in the early May breeze, formed the investment plan, the city launched a comprehensive business promotional work.

It is reported that

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