How to develop Xiamen Software Park

Xiamen as a coastal city of China since the reform and opening up the economy has been rapid development, people’s living standards have been greatly improved, the status of the city in China is becoming more and more prominent. So, as the "national entrepreneurship, the people of innovation," the occasion, the Xiamen software park how to continue to develop strong?

sponsored by the Ministry of Chinese Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute of the second Chinese Internet leader summit and Chinese Internet enterprises Summit Forum held in Beijing recently, Xiamen software park to the increasingly significant advantages of industrial agglomeration, accurate positioning, high quality service and good cultural environment, won the 2016 annual China Internet industry the best investment Environment Award "and" 2016 Chinese excellent software park "title.

a collection of enterprises in the development of a new technology and new products in the produce, Xiamen software park is becoming the domestic industry elite, innovative wisdom artificial paradise paradise. Park has 6 listed companies, three new board listed companies, gathered the industrial capital operation, intermediary services, training institutions, public space and other industrial elements of the creation of 21.

since last year, Xiamen Software Park honor room was added to a series of gleaming won the 2015 National Torch Plan: a gilded signboard software base industrialization environment fourth, 2015 year Chinese backbone software park before the ten (seventh), 2015 year Chinese leading software and information service industry park, 2015 Chinese golden software gold service plan taking the most reliable industrial park and a number of honorary titles.

software park has become an important engine of industrial development in the city

as the core carrier of software and information service industry, but also the city to promote the software information service industry "13th Five-Year" planning a major engine output value of 250 billion yuan, Xiamen software park has formed the development trend of the three axis drive: one of the main science and Technology Finance + equity investment aggregation ", two as the software information service industry the core of the park, the three phase is to create the development of innovative elements gathered for the industrial community.

as of March 2016, the software park settled in 2070 enterprises, more than 77 thousand employees, gathered industrial capital operations, intermediary services, training institutions, public space and other industrial elements. With Migu animation as the representative of the animation and game industry, the U.S. Ya Boke (300188, shares) as the representative of the industry application software industry, the mobile Internet industry to Mito company as the representative of the "three carriages" leading enterprises leading racing together bridle to bridle, forming a significant Small and micro businesses to flourish the good atmosphere of industrial development.

The new development of

needs a new space, new space carrying new hope. With the rapid development of software and information services in our city, the three phase of the software park is speeding up the construction of industrial carrier. Up to now, recommend

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