Some analysis on the way of unconventional promotion of Taobao

There are many ways to promote Taobao

customers, forums, QQ, blogs, websites and so on, these are also recommended by the official promotion methods, but in practice. There are many alternative ways, here also to know what to do. Say the wrong place, hope that kazakhstan.

1: e-books, I believe we are all to see a post, said to use e-books to earn ten thousand of the month. In fact, this form is very good, the advantage is that PID will not be converted into others. For example, users rely on search engines, the first site of Amoy link, will not buy. May also look at the point of second or even third. But in the form of e-books, you only have a PID, so the general situation of the site does not appear. Followed by a relatively high conversion rate, such as weight loss e-books. There are a lot of weight loss experience and hard journey, so that the whole looks very soft. Easy access to user trust. The disadvantage is how to allow users to download it. Few users know that there will be electronic books. I have found that some guest are posting in the forum, need e-book behind the thread. Of course, there are a lot of people left the mailbox, but if you are late, or because the user did not download a variety of factors. There is no effect.

two: mandatory lock home, even the IE settings can not modify the home page, you need to use the appropriate tools to clear. Although this will bring some fixed flow, but if you are forced to lock the home page, who will be uncomfortable. Disgusted with the site, the feeling is toxic. So let alone will buy something from the web site, or do.

three: tool bar, both in the browser installed on the guest toolbar, this idea is very good. But it depends on the user experience, and he did not try. Don’t make too many comments

four: desktop Taobao, the idea is to use some of the desktop software. For example, QQ, we all want to open a computer love to open QQ, why?. Of course, QQ fame, chat tools. And QQ is on the desktop, if the QQ is in the form of a web site to open, then I think it will be greatly reduced oh. So some people developed a number of desktop Taobao, this method is really good, as long as the user is not willing to delete, then he will open this software every time shopping. That is to say there are a lot of repeat customers, the viscosity is very large. The disadvantages are the same as the first. To solve how to get others to download, but also some people put such tools in the popular software. Provide user download.

In fact, there are many unknown

promotion methods, but we do not know. Also hope that these little experience can help you!

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