The most easily encountered problems of College Students

college students should not start it? This has been a controversial issue. Students with entrepreneurial passion, daring to dare to think, is able to grasp the opportunity to meet people, not to worry too much. However, it is precisely because of this, college students venture capital. The following are four college students will encounter problems in the process of entrepreneurship.

lack of venture capital

IDGVC venture Cci Capital Ltd is a risk investment institutions, the general manager of the company Langji Hou told reporters that entrepreneurship is not a lack of passion, but their business plan is still very immature, many projects are there are a lot of people doing well in the project, many college students are "thinking wishful thinking". Therefore, venture capital funds are willing to invest in the college students in the entrepreneurial projects, the company has not done this investment.

market sensitivity is not strong


management experience.

mental capacity is weakPreparation of

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