Teach you to identify what is the liar advertising alliance

as the site owner, through the advertising alliance to make money is a very important component of the profit channel. Advertising alliance reputable and liar points, if the main site encountered a liar, the loss is heavy. Perhaps you a month to 30 yuan, for three months, managed to achieve 100 yuan, turned out to be a liar, hard to do three months of advertising such reimbursement. Miserable… Very famous (and not because is a very famous) big brand advertising alliance, it’s hard to do. Compare the value of small, new. Why is this


the reason is very simple, the new advertising alliance, in terms of audit is not very strict (suitable for the new site owners to join), the Union itself also need to promote. At the beginning of the performance may be very good reputation, but a long time, it may reveal deceptive tricks. Here’s the beginning…

1 open server quality. If half an hour has not yet opened, certainly garbage. With the ping command Ping look at the length of time to return, the general said: the short description of the faster, you can set off the server comparison.

recently in the webmaster statistics background there is a union: QQ, QB advertising revenue explosion.! (hand), the address is www.791.Com


you can go to the official website:

media bulletin

· at 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. the computer room has been cut for and is now back to

· before May 26th 100 Commission has been issued, please note that

· today the server at 12:10 to add two new servers completed

·: Notice: after 5.12, has now been restored! Please vigorously on the amount of


· before May 19th 100 Commission has been issued, please note that

· for the State Council announcement content, please check!

·: Notice: QQ channel has been restored! Please vigorously on the amount of


· Olympic advertising channel problem first answer pause please exchange for QQ

including how a couple of said server, advertising alliance server crashes, that is to say: what you do in a crash during the advertising all have no income, why not? Because the server does not have to statistics. Typical liar.

a good advertising alliance how can this kind of situation? If it is because of the large amount of visits, there can be forgiven. The little league doesn’t exist.

2 watch alliance update. If you see an alliance that has not been updated for several months, it will definitely be rubbish