Seven new project venture

entrepreneurship in addition to the necessary funds, experience and hard work, but also need to be creative, so as to be invincible. At the beginning of the business, the choice of the project, the need for new ideas, so as to attract customers. Next, the small series and you will analyze seven new projects, hoping to achieve your entrepreneurial dream.

1. quit bar

modern people increasingly advocate healthy life, warm and open a bar if the theme of the smoking cessation effect should be good.


signs such as bright, emphasize warmth, can add a red smoke in the word before.

2. pet nursery

3. retro restaurant

in some monuments or resort to open a retro restaurant. The waiters all changed into small ones. Then sell some homely fare, the staff are wearing the costume. With some of those previously heard what ah, what Flower Drum Opera Sichuan Opera (live performance).

4. "rent" money

meters long?

now the city children in rural is very few, the textbook or the parents told him are not very good to let them know what kind of food.

on the outskirts of rough land, to contract the way rough to the city people. Provide the seeds and help them when they are not. And then take the food to the customers themselves. Take the children to the farm on the weekend, or with a lover of coarse land, like taking care of their children to take care of the seeds, the harvest of the kind of happiness, but how much money can not buy back.

can also provide farmhouse style leisure entertainment.

5. "meant to be" gift shop

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