Six big money trend

now entrepreneurial crowd is getting stronger, but in many success and many failures, through the study of success, we found that these companies and shops so profitable, because they hold the money "trend in twenty-first Century". At the same time, they also grasp the success of the industry secret".

money and product trends both in terms of economic development and to what extent, "high quality and inexpensive" will be the eternal trend. Wumart is not only the product itself, good quality, but also can create value for customers, create value; on the computer, practical and personality will be the key point to create value, do not want a computer can satisfy all the people, any computer can only meet part of people always demand.

money two, marketing trends we have mentioned above, each industry in the top 10% in the money, why? Is very simple, because they conform to the development trend of marketing; a movement of the same suit, Lining, Jordan and other brands in our shop, there can be no doubt of its price, the same restaurants, food stores, McDonald’s can always if the city hall.

China in such a lack of "good faith" in the market environment. The brand will become a lasting trend in the next 30 years, computer retail stores, but the customer is concerned about the products, services, prices and other factors, and once set up the brand, which means that all problems will be solved. Therefore, how to establish a brand, positioning a brand, will determine whether the computer retail store can make money.

three money and profit model trend of developed countries in the industrial structure, service industry accounted for 80% of the national economy, there are only two kinds of people in society as a whole, is a service, another is service. All services are based on specialized division of labor, professional services, based on the development of China as a developing country, specialization will become the future of new profit trends.

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