Liu Chuanjun teach the nternet era entrepreneurial

in the season of change, how to accurately grasp the entrepreneurial opportunity? Liu Chuanjun, founder of the United States and the United States to create a broad masses of young students to teach entrepreneurship, teach you how to do a good job in the winter to prepare for the winter.

After the end of

A: "Internet plus" wave came, entrepreneurs should stare in the eyes?

"Internet plus" wave came, entrepreneurs should stare in the eyes?" In his view, the Internet is only a means, the key lies in the creation of value".

the Yimeng Mountains of Shandong to come out of the entrepreneurs, aware of many drawbacks in the circulation of agricultural chain, "a broker, a wholesaler, the two and three batch, restaurants, markets, five or six links, pumping into layers". In order to change this situation, he seized the opportunity to rise the intelligent mobile phone, the start of the agricultural products in the fields of B2B, "we brought together tens of thousands of restaurants with the requirements of suppliers, and talk about the origin, a number of direct, greatly reduce the cost of procurement".

and dish network cooperation five or six small and medium-sized restaurant orders in the mobile phone on the boss before 11 every night, the second day early in the morning to receive less than twenty or thirty per cent of the market price of agricultural products; farmers no longer worry about sales problem, quality standards of agricultural products sell good price in the field will be able to. In order to ensure the quality of fresh, the United States has built its own network of food procurement, warehousing, distribution.

"circulation China agriculture is all capillaries, blood flow is slow, but also easy to jam. To find a stable demand side, you can build the artery." Liu Chuanjun said, through the Internet to change the way agriculture, rural areas and farmers, this is my long cherished wish".

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