More than 60 flood heroes gathered in the town of Sanhe Thanksgiving

Sanhe as the national 5A level scenic area, with the rapid development of economy, the local economy and the tourism industry has been the common development, but due to the reasons, this year during the flood season is facing a serious flood disaster. In October 30th, "Thanksgiving world, return to the Sanhe charity event held in Feixi County Sanhe Town, more than 60 people who attended the flood in Sanhe hero representatives gathered here to feel close to the reconstruction after the Sanhe beauty and vitality. At the same time, the local people once again expressed their most sincere gratitude to the flood.

60 Yu Yu heroes gathered in three rivers, the ancient town of Thanksgiving, it is precisely because of these people’s soldiers, so Sanhe ancient town to survive, in order to protect our homes. Review the history, July 1991, Feixi Millennium ancient town of Sanhe suffered floods, breaking the dike breach after the town of nearly a thousand from a world of waters, the warriors from all sides created a flood of casualties in the town evacuation of miracles. In July this year, floods the Huaihe River, Sanhe again by the floods, flood soldiers and volunteers to ensure that day and night, Sanhe did not break a Wei Zi, did not break a levee. The live broadcast of the three Town flood video, and to reproduce a critical moment of the flood and touching story of the sand animation style.

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