Z-blog three column theme optimization

SEO blog made a brief three column theme for Bard’s birthday for a while ago, of course, of course.

The three column

theme Bard in doing only one day, and one day the ad what all ready, so that in addition to the internal link strategy did not pay great attention to the SEO search engine optimization, this user is not friendly, so in the Bard job in Beijing and has not yet when someone on his blog, appropriate SEO, you use the three bar theme of Mr. can optimization method refer to Bard, not a good place to do to guide Bard.

1 moves the main part of the code forward

The three part of the first part of the theme of

are #Divsidebar, #Divmain, #DivHeadlines, (PS: whether the three names are not consistent with the original Bard standard, in order to facilitate the modification, temporarily wrote. ) and, in turn, #DivnrvBar and #DivTop, followed by #DivBottom. In addition, the top layers of these DIV elements are wrapped in #Divmiddle and #DivPage, and are shown as follows:


as shown above, the Divsidebar element in front of the main part, so this will be the main part of the content is greatly delayed, the page can not highlight the article, so the search engine on its friendly degree will be greatly reduced, and this time, affect the ranking, we should think: if this part of the contents of Divsidebar in the back, but does not affect the layout of the page is good. At this point, we should be able to think of the absolute positioning of the Div element: the position property,

The main part of

, we can write any code sequence, absolute positioning and only need to set the #Divsidebar, #Divmain, #DivHeadlines of the three Div elements can be, for example we can modify it in bardseo.css, the three line of code:


float: left;

width: 21%;

margin: 0px;

padding: 0px 0 10px 0;

background-color: #EAFAFD;

, border-right:, 1px, solid, #cccccc;



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