The passion and the helplessness of the new station

I was a rookie on the Internet, many things do not understand, this year entered this industry, website promotion and operation in less than a year, is currently promoting a new station (Xi’an network of excellence), to do more than a month, the technical aspects of how I do not understand, but in the promotion method is not technology the content of the work on learning, this more than a month’s time, I have both passion, there are too many helpless.

because I am a rookie, I have passion, what are very curious, but also full of hope for the future, I think do not understand to learn well, never mind, always know, but in this period of time I have passion also felt a lot of frustration.

1. links. Said Links is very important, I also try to change the link, but the new PR0, the good points of the station are not willing to change with me, I can not stand the garbage, even if the link is not much good, I have seen a new station, the link quality is high so, I and the webmaster to talk about, he told me that his high quality link is bought by his connections, I can only stare, because I was a rookie, basically this is not what people contacts, where to talk about ah, only step by step, various methods are to try to take advertising links, take the page for page and so on, finally to the station now I have several PR6,5,4,3 links, these people are willing to change is good, thanks

!Update on

2. website article. My literary talent is not very good, but the content of the web site must be updated every day ah, how to do? Please write it, the asking price high, can not afford to pay, or their own good, after groping, know a little bit of skill, every day to see Baidu Billboard Hot keywords, find a few and the station the key to the online collection of information, and then sort out into a few articles, this kind of words is not much, only to find some over recruitment news information related to what, head to tail into pseudo original, although do these things not skilled, ups and downs. Fortunately, there is one point I pleased: Baidu included very fast, basically included in second days.

3. access traffic. My station is talent network, which is not only the need to flow, need more regional enterprises to join, let us stand up, because the face of financial crisis, individual job seekers worry, worry about the enterprise, the enterprise website to less, you won’t get a good cycle. Xi’an local have so many similar websites, are old qualifications, competition is strong, my station although free, enterprises also bother to go to another station registration. No way, I still want to go on, ah, telephone, QQ, business website messages, attack, pull in, one is one, I do not believe no one came.

4. search engine included. Don’t know what, my station, search engine is normal update included, can be collected every day is not much, a little sad, and is trying to find ways, you heroes know also refers to

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