What should we do after the website is included

for the novice, a start is that the site included, but generally we do not know what to do after the site included,

included is only the beginning, included will be pondering keywords ranking, and then pondering the entire site keywords layout.

, the layout of the keywords is the overall structure of the site, feel quite important is very complex, attention should be paid too much for too much to suggest you to look at the data, the best is to look at the original English, now a Chinese SEO are still in the grass, then everyone said the translation has some personal understanding, so a lot of the translation are somewhat different, is to understand. I’m advocating practice theory. That kind of thing needs to be understood,

two, and there is a new person, and then the site positioning easier to puzzle, I found a data is to explain what is site positioning, we can see:


site is to determine the site characteristics, bring the special occasions and the use of special groups and the characteristics of interest, special position that the site in the network, the core concept, its core function, the target user group.

in fact, personal Adsense positioning, not too wide, don’t want to do anything, the results of what is not good, just start or small, after all, you are a person’s ability, energy is limited. Suggest novice to open a few garbage stations, use the garbage station to find the feeling.

PS: in fact, now people are like this impetuous ease down, I quite agree with the original I chat with my friends when said a word: "take 2 years to feed themselves not what basic problems". But think about how many novice grass roots webmaster do standing more than 2 years, the lack of a stick and a common heart.

Chairman Mao said good practice, real knowledge, no practice, no right to speak, third is to think about writing soft text to bring additional flow, ha ha, this practice again, later write out experience. Even half a small new, we can learn more, write down my experiences, but I feel good along the way.

even new sites: very tour –http://s.veryou.com.cn professional game information station, welcome to join the grassroots webmaster communication group: 14064739, discuss website operation experience.

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