The website do not become 5 reasons fodder

many owners are keen to establish various types of Web sites, which also has a lot of very creative and development potential of the website, but the website construction and search engine optimization such as improper handling, most sites have finally become fodder, following analysis of the reasons.

one. Lack of appropriate strategies.

successful companies are dependent on well conceived business strategies, and online businesses need improved marketing strategies. Search engine optimization allows web sites to move closer to potential web customers. Therefore, you need to plan out a complete operational step to help you achieve your initial sales goals.

two. Lack of implementation of strategic planning.

has the perfect plan plan, needs the stationmaster to carry out step by step according to the scheduled plan. In the web world, search engines are a great source of web traffic, so you need to keep track of your site’s visibility in search engines. You need long-term adherence to the implementation, search engine optimization effect is possible to achieve. There are few things that can be done once and for all.

three. Lack of continuity of search optimization

as competition intensifies, online business development is becoming more and more difficult. Millions of websites are seeking their high ranking in search engines. So you need to continue to optimize the site to ensure that their effect, if your intermittent operation optimization, this is not conducive to your website ranking. Only sequential search optimization is good for improving your site’s visibility in search engines.

four. No timely information tracking.

when you start the site and search engine optimization, you can not always pay attention to your website, to control the website construction and each traffic source, stay and whereabouts, and other aspects of information tracking. It can help you understand your work progress and your client’s actual needs more effectively, and may also provide strong support for your next new strategy.

five. Give up easily.

easily quit, can not adhere to, for a web site is very fatal. Whether it’s the effect of a web site or the effect of a search engine, it may take months to practice. You easily give up the steps you’ve taken, and start again. It may still be a test of time at the beginning, so you’re going to give up again,


these are some of my experience, the webmaster and I welcome more exchanges, please indicate the feeds.

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