To eliminate the phenomenon of Amoy novice should regulate themselves

saw some great God’s post on a forum yesterday, saying that he could earn several figures in Taobao every month. Indeed, these figures are the temptation for some Wangzhuan novice, you can also see in the post below the frenzied thread. In fact, we want to get on the Internet gold attitude is understandable, after all everyone is so over. But Wangzhuan process need to be cautious, not all of the news and content are worth watching, worthy of collection. For these so-called share posts, one trick is just remind novice interest, then step by step to lure you to pay tuition, and a means to get money. Well, as for how to do Taobao customers, I personally have a few points of view.

overall, Taobao customers now is better than a few years ago so good to do, this is not only for the Amoy Ali official was continuously, but also because of the current emergence of this industry over saturated, is Baidu search environment with too many homogeneous content, can not find the value naturally in depression. But can you say that no one in this industry can make money? If so, I’ll be all right. Because I have a site in hand can now earn about 200, although not much, but very satisfied. But I’m simply rely on the traditional website, get some words flow conversion rate, if which day Baidu K I, I can’t do anything. But there are other friends around who have done their part. She is not on the site but from the lyrics, social media draws attention, such as micro-blog to get some shopping guide, dress collocation, for example, WeChat sellers circle of friends with unfamiliar street to nearby people selling cosmetics, through the local drainage, then set up a third party website summary this resource. To bind the contents of user practices is very good.

Of course,

is not only these, such as shopping forum is a very worthy guest form, because this kind of site is not a simple recommendation, but to give the user valuable shopping guide. The reason why we are not good do guest, in fact, it is because Taobao passenger lost value support, and instead invest in simple commodity recommendation, the Commission in order to make the practice for the user or persist in wilfully and arbitrarily themselves are not ideal. In fact, the Internet to make products pay attention to two strategies, one free, and the other fast. Before, some friends use Taobao double eleven to do some commodity list marketing, through promotion, let everybody from SkyDrive inside download goods discount information. Faced with a detailed and no charge list, no user has any reason to refuse. But this for Taobao guest is equivalent to a big money, and later heard that only double eleven day, my friend earned 60 thousand, this is my income for a year ah. These actually wanted to explain Tao now can still do it, but the difficulty of change, not only is the user’s consumption consciousness is also more mature, because now the Tao is too serious homogenization, all flow station, so sure, only a small part of the money, so we need to expand the other place.

then, from an old point of view, I should give newbie Friends >

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