Webmaster changes talk about the needs of users and traffic

I’m the cold wind. It’s been a year of silence. I don’t think anyone will remember me. A year ago, I wrote "your website needs users or users need your website", "do a well intentioned webmaster" and "I am very sad to comment on" webmaster commentators ". Estimated that many people have not seen, I look a year ago I also saw something, someone to give me some comments, write the feelings, especially the need to see the website and the user’s need, and associates to present website model pattern, also saw many webmaster I here the change has seen the progress of the webmaster.

had been "dumpster flying", "SEO technology" and "search engine cleansing", our webmaster have learned a lot of experience, and I saw the rise of a user is greater than the flow of attention most of the attention to the webmaster, ask how many webmaster without the use of traffic statistics now the use of traffic statistics in the station, how many from the sake of users, rather than thinking about the size of the flow, which makes me think of your website needs user or the user needs to use your website, SNS software has greatly changed with flow based on SNS pattern. Is user oriented, service users, such model sites will officially make our webmaster began to pay attention to the needs of users of the importance, I dare say, this pattern of development can Let our network to our ideal health Internet, I can see that in the near future, advertisers advertising is no longer the main evaluation of traffic. With a fixed group, your website will grow better.

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