Web link optimization

What are the internal link optimizations in the

web site?

1. site navigation

site navigation how important, I will not nonsense, we should all understand, focusing on the design of the site navigation notes:

(1) website navigation link is the search engine spiders crawl down the important line, but also ensure the communication between the website channel, strongly recommend using text links;

(2) do not use embedded JS file navigation, if you use a search engine spider crawling simulation tools to detect crawling to the URL, you will find the link in the navigation for search engines can not, unfortunately, my site (Shenzhen real estate network www.jiasz.com) the same navigation the existence of this problem, at a time in the future, we will try my best to solve this problem;

(3) also does not recommend the use of JS code to achieve the drop-down menu, if you must, at least to ensure that the mouse is zoned to when the navigation area navigation links is a text link, but also can click on, at the same time, suggest a text contains all the links section at the bottom of the page to make up for the region;

(4) if I want to use pictures as the site navigation links, then the picture is optimized, with links to the main picture page keywords as ALT content, also in the picture next to a text link as auxiliary collocation.

(5) text links in the navigation is how to place a certain stress from the perspective of UE, this with the importance of the website channel or on the web site features, is generally more important channel to be placed in the beginning, of course, to do a channel classification sense to distinguish from SEO; Perspective, imagine the channel name is also a complex process, it needs us to channel content to do a detailed understanding of the channel and the main keyword research;

to www.jiasz.com rental channel for example: as we all know, rent said that the lease, channel is named to rent or to rent name? I just said, need to research, you can begin to act now.

2. breadcrumbs navigation

about the concept and function of bread crumbs navigation, please refer to the previous article, "bread crumbs" website navigation links".

simple, breadcrumb navigation significance is clearly inform the user what is the current location of the site, the user navigation through the pages quickly to higher, this is the design of navigation should be opened in the current window.

breadcrumbs should all superior "which lists the user page (logical structure) name and link note: here is a text link, if your channel name, name, name of sub category classification design is good enough, you will find pages by keywords.

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