The first step for college students to start their own business what is my business

is currently more and more college graduates to do poineering work independently, be your own boss, entrepreneurship has been the strong support of national policy, but according to statistics the average entrepreneurial success rate is only about 2%, most college students in the entrepreneurial road walks with difficulty. An important reason for this phenomenon is that many people do not take a step or take the first step, that is, the lack of clear planning for entrepreneurship, or there is no accurate positioning of the enterprise. College students should be very clear at the beginning of entrepreneurship, what is my business?

enterprise positioning is the first enterprise for whom service, that is, who is the customer base?. Many college students in the crearive project, but the idea is too strange, and does not consider the market demand and the idea, again good only if castles in the air, are implemented, will have to dismal because there is no market.

only in sufficient market space on the premise that enterprises have room for development. College students in the early start of the market to do an in-depth understanding of the market capacity and development space to make accurate judgments. Over personnel recruitment is the largest comprehensive recruitment and job search website, its founder Wu Qiang realised in 2000 to start a business, the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises quickly, a huge room for growth, with the deepening of reform and opening up, will in the national economy is playing an increasingly important role. So he positioned the enterprise customer base of the website as small and medium-sized enterprises. His judgment was proved to be correct. At present, China’s small and medium-sized enterprises have more than 10 million, more than 99% of the total number of enterprises, providing nearly 80% of urban jobs, forming a huge human resources market. 10 years Laiwuyi recruitment of individual users has exceeded 20 million, more than 200 business users, and successfully achieved 8 consecutive years of profit. The future of SMEs, the potential of this market is still very huge. So it’s important to choose the right customer base.

The second point of

enterprise positioning is what product is provided by the enterprise, that is, what profit is it?. Clearly for whom service, and then it is necessary to clearly provide customers with what products. Products meet the needs of society, this is the primary responsibility of enterprises, but also the survival and development of the road. No good product, even if the market as sea wide, they can only afford to buy. I have no people, I have excellent people, product success is the eternal rule of success.

1984 Liu Chuanzhi prospectively recognize that PC will change the people’s life and work, and 11 scientific research personnel in a rented lodge in Beijing to start a business. This is the predecessor of Lenovo, Legend. Over the past 20 years, Lenovo has independent research and development of new technology and new products, enterprises will be located in "engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of the most reliable, secure and easy-to-use technology products" and "succeeded in tirelessly to help customers improve productivity, enhance the quality of life, always stand in the forefront of innovation. Lenovo is now the leader of China’s national IT industry, the world’s third largest maker of personal computers. A college student must start at the beginning of his career

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