t is not difficult to do Taobao customer confidence and persistence is the kingly way

I just graduated from

last year, found after graduation to find work should be so difficult, feeling the University for four years and did not read about later, barely find a less professional counterparts in the work, every day will follow the prescribed order to live. The feeling of life as a lack of passion, so think of the Taobao online shop, in fact, my sophomore opened, then has not what business they give up, and now want to stage a comeback, but after a period of time to do things that sell a lot, but every time you spend and earn money as if not is sometimes a business to earn a few dollars, but also the packing, shipment, contact the courier. At that time, through Taobao, I once again met the mother of Ali Taobao Taobao, the reason to say again, it is because 07 years ago, when the passenger launch I know, but did not put into action. And after this understanding, I have decided to officially start to do Taobao.

just started doing, in fact, no way, in the forum to send pure advertising, in his blog, so the hair for a few days, the more than and 10 days to see the background, a little movement did not feel at that time, Taobao customers want to make money but not easy. Now think back to the original, in fact, just started to do not have a normal income, but everything needs a process. So remind just started to do Taobao guest friends, the first month if there is no income, is normal, don’t be eager to seek and then lose the original patience and confidence, in fact, this is the dawn of the dark.

Taobao guest insist. From my first post to get the first pen Promotion Commission probably spent a month, then one after another every few days to income, then in almost every day, although not how much income. At this time, in fact, almost an entry, at least you find the basic method of promotion, the next look at your efforts, the more you have to pay more. This is a basic process of Taobao customers, if you give up on that stage waiting for income if you are a failure of Taobao, so I do the Taobao customer insist that only victory will persist. Of course, self-confidence is indispensable, you have to believe that they can do it, God is fair, there will certainly pay a return sooner or later.

I promote the main way is to promote the forum, perhaps a lot of people will not believe, but I do have the current income from the forum to promote. The forum is also the promotion of favorable course is There are both advantages and disadvantages., browse content is high, if every forum you post a day has been viewed 20 times, then you send in the 100 forum pageviews a day is 2000 times, I think a lot of grassroots site to achieve 2000IP is a bit difficult. Of course, Forum promotion also has a lot of disadvantages, soft text is easy to be removed, of course, to identify the key is to see your writing and forum administrator. A lot of forums are blocked links, Ali mother’s link, not to mention, there is a link on the direct shielding off; forum to promote the time and effort to spend more, in order to make more money have to post.

now found a lot of people do Taobao guest