The logic, intuition, and detail of SEO case diagnosis

SEO is not math, and most places have no precision. SEO is closer to the art, many times by the indistinct logic and intuition and experience, and details are very important.

cited two websites that have recently been looked at.

, a friend’s Web site, inexplicably disappeared in search engines. Previously included normal, I do not know from when, web pages less and less, until completely disappeared.

I looked at the website. It was a simple personal website. Logic tells me, commercial website cheats the possibility that is gotten by K often is not small, the likelihood that individual website cheats is very little, without interest drive, do not deserve to do so at all. Site is not included, except by K, or robots.txt file is not allowed to crawl, or server settings prohibit spiders crawl.

from the point of view, my intuition is that the robots file is out of order. But open the robots file to see, and really do not see any problems, is very simple, allowing all search engines to grab. The Robots file has a slash a slash, fly, so my eyes look carefully, really do not see what the problem.

at this point the details will work. I use online robots file verification tool checked, three tools have two tools to display the file first more of a rather baffling question mark, that mark English did not install the computer like to see Chinese font Chinese open web site when. Open the robots file directly in the browser, or the other side of the document passed to me, using the edit software to open, you can not see the question mark.

After a brief conversation,

found out that the friend was using the Windows Vista operating system. I’ve heard about Windows Vista systems before, and sometimes coding problems when dealing with text. I don’t know why. However, the result is robots file encoding may be problems, the search engine after the acquisition of error understanding, the results do not grab the web page.

I’m going to save the files in my computer and pass them on to each other. The other party does not open, do not edit, upload web space directly, a few days later, grab start normal.

another problem is the English website. In search keywords, ranking first in every two or three days to four or five pages between tiaolaitiaoqu. But ranked steady in Because it is English station, so in the ranking meaningless.


logic tells me that this is related to the site language or server location. Looked at the site, is pure English, there is no Chinese characters, server in the United states. Check the reverse link of the site, there are a lot of Chinese Web links. Therefore, preliminary judgment, these links have been judged to be suspected of garbage. But there are a lot of English websites that actually have a lot of junk Chinese links, even if they’re poorly ranked, but…

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